Voyage diary

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Voyage Diary


The trip, whether mental, physical or virtual is an essential part of the vital human experience. For Mabel, the journey has an obvious emotional implication. The recording of every space, person, smell, color, or sound becomes a first class requirement. However, even though the pieces that make up this series arise from the artist’s personal memory, they aim at activating in each and every member of the audience feelings and correlations around their own travel experiences.

A journey, understood in the broad sense of the word not only as a means of meeting new people or visiting new places, but also as a vehicle for connecting with different ways to experience the world - including our everyday life-, is the motive of this group of pieces. From these ideas, the artist creates installation works made up by fragments of photos taken in her own “journeys”. The photos are, at times, taken down to pieces and composed again; other times they are completely defragmented to constitute a new image. The device of fragmentation alludes to the nature of the individual memory, broken down and incomplete, as well as to its complex dimensions..

On the other hand, the circular shape that relates to the iris of the eye reminds us of the capacity to capture, by means of the sense of sight, the minimal details that can make our journeys- like the artist’s- a memorable and infinite experience.