Images, not words

I hear you cry but not S-T Still I see
Silence I just listen I just listen
The Garden of Silence Today my voice has no sound S-T


Images, not words


There is a saying that declares: “An image is worth than a thousand words”; and the artist uses it as a basis for this series that she entitled “Image, not Word”, in which she establish an analogy between the represented image and a piece of information that won’t be shown from the communicative experience among individuals and the effectiveness of a text or an image.

This series is formed by scenes built up by letters that do not have a literary meaning and will be just displayed in an unconnected way, like a sort of nonsense. We frequently have in mind thoughts and ideas that we are unable of putting into words; nevertheless we could be perfectly able to represent them by means of images; that is the reason why during the process of conceiving these pieces she had to work on the importance between images and words… what is more important in our lives, an image or a word?

In these piece of art Mabel come back to the acetate fragment as a primary unit for the construction of the bigger image; but in this particular case She use it as a graphic printed icon: letters; letters of the Latin alphabet that only matter as an image. Together these letters won’t form any particular word or phrase, their functional sense and semantic value has been suppressed. There are no words to read or phrases to understand, everything, or at least almost everything is said through an image.

She believe that in our thinking process we have ideas in our minds that later are expressed through words, but then we represent those words by means of images that is the reason why She arrived at the conclusion that images and words are inseparable.

These pieces of art allude directly to elements of communication; that is why the gestures of the three wise monkeys: “ I canꞌ listen, speak or see “, and also from body language are somehow present in some books-objects round and rectangular. Some of the pieces of the collection look into less representative, complex and contradictory aspects also present during the process of communication, either collective or personal like speaking without meaning, screaming or the simple act of not listening to the other person.