Flotabilidad, 2017 Sleepeless Plegaria, 2017





The Buoyancy series reveals various ideas about human existence from the lyricism of everyday life. The intention is to create an environment that allows us to reflect on the circumstances of life through an aesthetic, visual and sound experience. In general, Buoyancy investigates perceptive processes of the human being while exploring concepts such as immobility and fragmentation.

The main piece of the series is an installation made up of twelve conical structures with speakers, complemented by projections showing people floating. The work represents a path to an idealized space in our minds, a mental state of total relaxation in which our body is weakly controlled by our mind. The experience of floating, a metaphor for escape, contrasts with the sinking sensation that is sometimes caused by daily reality.

Five photographs mounted on light boxes (Desvelo) also make up the series. The images are of different parts of a person's body floating. Mabel, together with the composer and producer Andrés Levin who collaborates in this series, incorporates fragments of her own body in allusion to the most sensitive corporeal areas in each one of us.