My Autum

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My Autumn

Mabel's experience during her residency course in Djerassi, Woodside, California, USA; resulted in the creation of the artwork “Around my own”. In this artwork she is interested in semantic potential relating two symbols, widely expanded in universal culture: Spiral and Pyramid. The above, allows her to talk about the place´s memory and the different ways of personal development. That’s why she uses archetypal representation of Spiral as a path of growth and physical transformation, but also spiritual.

So “My Autumn” reflects the path that has no limits, constant growth and, in some way, infinite, it also represents it from the presence of pyramidal origami shapes. A structure whose sense of ascension imitates reaching heaven, connecting those two levels that exist in parallel, but inescapably intertwined: heaven and earth.

These works reflect how life can be a kind of Spiral where it goes around in the same circle from each instant and moment. Autumn as a reflection of fading, simile to the season characterized by the shedding of the leaves of the trees into the air. Represented the fragility of life, the ephemeral and its instability. As a whole it can vanish and become nothing.

The defragmentation of bodies as a system of symbols that represent conceptions in individual moods and make up a whole. The energy that flows and the spirituality of individuals.

The series continues with the constant search of the artist to represent the lightness of existence and her concern for the experiences of human beings.