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Mabel feels deeply interested in the humanꞌs mind capacity to violate the laws of Physics and the multidimensional possibility of mental time (as every object, the human mind has the capacity of moving, spreading and fragmenting) that is why in this series Abacuses She uses their formal structure and take it out of context with the aim of telling vivid facts from her memories. The abacus has been used by Eastern cultures for thousands of years as a tool for counting and making calculations that is the reason why She link it with time. She bases upon repetition to reconstruct events through recovered images which have been erased from the memory with the passing of time. Time becomes the main protagonist of this piece of art gathering memories and forgetfulness at the same time.

She has always been interested in creating a dialogue with the spectators as well as making them participants in each of her works of art; She intend to do this through a processed and ludic discourse and in this way continuing the logics of this series.

She use this instrument and its structure to talk about the stored time in her past and present life. The movable hoops vary according to the location given to the spectators and also according to the passing of days, the pieces of art also vary their form and content.

The abacus is combined with background images in which familiar events are shown and appear and disappear depending on the hoops placement. The created movement achieves to generate new visions from the same piece of art.